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Recruitment Services


The purpose of InsTech.London is to support innovation in insurance and, whether you are a startup or an incumbent, a key part of that is access to the right talent.  So as part of our service to our community we are providing an efficient and cost-effective recruitment platform.  This will facilitate engagement with the kind of talent needed to develop innovative ideas and businesses. Our service will combine the power of our network with the kind of recruitment expertise you would normally have to pay large sums of money to access.

We offer three levels of service, which are briefly outlined below.


If you would like to discuss our services in detail, or simply understand how to post a vacancy, please contact us at




The InsTech.London community is one of the biggest and most effective InsurTech networks in the world with a rapidly expanding membership and huge reach through social media. We will use that community to raise the profile of your vacancy, sharing details with a substantial and relevant audience. You will receive all applications we get for the position, as well as some basic support in coordinating the recruitment process.


Cost: We are offering this service as free to use, with a small success fee of £250 (+VAT) should you successfully hire through the platform




Our mid-level of service will start with the Advert to our network and in addition we will offer access to our a constantly developing database of relevant talent. We will partner with and support you throughout the recruitment process, ensuring only relevant candidates come through to you, as well as guiding you through screening, interviewing and making offers to candidates.

The wider reach and additional handholding will give rise to a much higher likelihood of success and involve more effort and time from us, and the costs model reflects that.


Cost: £2,000 (+VAT) payable only on successful completion of the recruitment process.




In much the same way as you can’t always place insurance on line and need a full advisory service from a broker, sometimes you need an expert to help you find the talent you are after. Our top-level of recruitment service offers an extension to ‘Advertise’ and ‘Curate’ where you will also be able to partner with an experienced headhunter.  They will pro-actively source those candidates who have the specific skill-set and capabilities you are after.

Our partner has been recruiting at a strategic level for the traditional insurance sector for many years, and has been at the forefront of supporting InsurTech start-ups and scale-ups in building their senior teams.

We would recommend our ‘Search’ service for those businesses that have very niche and specific needs, and for more senior positions.


Cost: 15% of first year’s salary payable only on successful completion of the recruitment process.


If you would like to engage any of the above services, please contact us at


Note that the usual T&Cs apply.  They will form part of the contract with InsTech.London and (if relevant) our executive search partner.